About us

15The Clarkfield Care Center began as a twenty-bed long-term facility built privately in 1959 to serve the needs of Clarkfield and the surrounding area. An addition led to an eighty-six bed capacity. In April of 1980, the City of Clarkfield assumed ownership of the Care Center.

A subsidiary of the Care Center, Clarkfield Home Care began in 1985.

The city remains the governing body with management provided by Minnewaska Community Health Services .

Due to recent demographic changes, the Care Center now operates at a 36 bed capacity.
In June of 2007 Clarkfield Care Center/Home Care expanded their services to include 24 hour Assisted Living which is located at Valhalla Apartment in Clarkfield.

Clarkfield Care Center also operates the Clarkfield Ambulance Service, which is a city-owned, non-profit service staffed by volunteer EMTs.